Rethinking your marketing strategy to beat COVID-19

The global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus has impacted countries across the globe. The world is going through a humongous paradigm shift: All corporates, big or small, are making efforts to change their current business and working strategies to survive through the world crisis.

As a business owner, your initial instinct might probably be to cut on costs wherever possible. Still, your marketing budget should not necessarily be the one to bear the brunt of cost-cutting. These challenging and uncertain times are also great opportunities. An increased number of organizations are attempting to reap the most out of these testing times by utilizing digital technology and moving their business online. 

Here are a few tips for what you should be doing at the moment to help you generate income in the short term and create a resilient brand in the long run.

Switch to Online

As social distancing is gradually becoming the new normal, companies that depend on in- person interactions will have to rethink the way of doing their business. It’s time to reconsider different areas of your business, such as marketing, sales, delivery, and then try shifting them online. The companies that are not able to rethink and create online strategies might face extremely challenging situations in the coming years.

Rebuild your Website

This is the best time to do a thorough website analysis and make it functional and operative. Rebuilding or rebranding the company’s website could be one of the best solutions for businesses to survive in this crucial situation. Things that are generally neglected in the hustle and bustle of everyday operations can get a new lease of life through proper audits and corrections. Do the critical analysis of website traffic and landing pages, upgrade the navigation structure, and update your website content and SEO to improve and get the desired results.

Increase your social media presence

When it comes to results, Facebook Ads score high as they offer a wide range of campaigns to increase sales, leads, number of visitors, or just social media page likes. Their advanced feature also allows you to target your audience by location and reach out and communicate directly with your customers. 

If you have existing social media business pages, revisit them and check whether your campaigns and posts are still relevant in the current scenario and context and adjust as deem fit.

Focus on your online advertising campaigns

A clear strategy around online advertising campaigns needs to be charted out to make the best use of digital platforms. There are umpteen ways a business can market its products and services and create better visibility. Google display advertisements, Adwords, google remarketing, or shopping ads can provide a new shape for your business and deliver quick results. Keyword research comes in handy for creating any kind of online advertisement and also helps to improve your company’s ranking on the search engine result pages.

The unprecedented situation that we face today is undoubtedly one of those critical moments which can affect a dramatic shift upon our business in a positive direction, though, by forcing us to re-invent and rethink our current strategies. Only those who can embrace the change will emerge more pliable to future challenges of this big a magnitude and scale.