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Deliure - Branding and Packaging


Deliure is a chain of bakery and cafe that makes gourmet delicacies such as desserts, cakes, pastries, breads, authentic traditional sweets, croissants, breads, buns, and fast food with unique ingredients. Having their stores in various parts of Mumbai, Deliure aims to be one of the popular eateries in the region for everyone, even the tourists. The company envisions to be the global brand by opening chains of their brand across India and Globe.

Our goal was to give them a brand identity that would be easy to recall and reflect the company’s objectives and personality. The look & feel of logo was carefully created to exuberate richness.

The monogram was created like the smile with leaves on both the ends to give a sense of freshness and purity. We tuned the color palette to make the brand feel warmer and more enriching. Additionally, we created a set of badges that demonstrate the brand's warm personality, craftsmanship, and experience.

Overall the brand's new look is a fresh take on an established eatery, exuding every ounce of heart that is placed in their craft.